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What we can then do with our system, because does is it puts all these people into an email Smartlist. An Email Smartlist is not just an country wise email list database like you would have with a lot of other email providers, but a smart list. So now if somebody didn't purchase from us. We can actually send them to a another list and send them an email sequence one, two, three or four to encourage them to buy. Now people are going through a sales process. If they don't buy, well then, we can send them to another series of emails, whether it's the same product and explaining it a different way.Or maybe you want to offer a similar product that might be your affiliate product country wise email list  that would solve the problem. Or if somebody actually purchased off the first email, the Smartlist will actually country wise email list  remove them from the database and they won't get the sequence, the follow up sequence.

But if the person doesn't buy well then we could send them to another email sequence that talks about that same product or a  country wise email list similar product that you have or an affiliate product that would be similar  country wise email list to help them solve their problems. And if they don't buy there, then they can go to another set of emails. And you can do that over a sequence period of time that you can actually split test to find out what it takes and how many times it takes for people to actually purchase your product. country wise email list  And the best thing about it is, is once you put this in place, it's an automated process.

Well, that doesn't make good financial sense and you're not going to be in business long country wise email list . But what you can do is if you know it takes  to get somebody to buy your  product, once you have them in the country wise email list sequence, then you can actually offer them different products or similar products down the line through your email follow-up system. So that you know, when they start buying other products, when they become profitable to you. So let's say you spend to get the person to buy your  product, but then you country wise email list  know, three emails later, 90% of the people will take an affiliate product that pays you a  commission.

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