101My favourite Shows.
Hi there, I'm from the UK and I'm french. Here are the top things I recommend you guys watch!

1. Lupin
A french series which is all about a really smart robber, short but I love it.
2. White hosue down
A movie all about what is in the name... the white house get's taken down.
3. Prison break.
So good I had to watch it twice, WATCH IT NOW!
4. Scorpion
Are you into hacking and series you can watch whenever withou having to recall what happened last? I'd recommend this. It;s a team of geniuses who are freelancers for the government and also carryout various missions to "save the world" though not in that 2 year old sense.
5. Last but no least, fast and furious.
If you haven't seen it then... we're gonna have a problem.

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