559 UPDATES 21.04.2021 Changelog
Better response on post 21.04.2021 ChangelogThanks system have been updated and the issue where users could see the hidden tags through search page without giving a thank to the author have been fixed.
You can also disable thanks Notifications through Usercp>>Notifications>>Settings>>Receive an alert when someone thanks my messages

The issue with last profile visitors that didnt work for some users have been fixed, Just enable it for your profile through Usercp>>Settings>>Show last visitors in profile view.

[Image: luckyaward.png] Lucky Four-leaf clover - 1% chance to obtain this award on every post.
[Image: lucky2.png] Lucky Horseshoe Charms - 1% chance to obtain this award on every thread.
[Image: easter-rabbit.png] Easter Bunny - 20% chance to obtain this award during Easter 2021.
[Image: easter-egg.png] Easter Egg - Only purchaseable during Easter 2021.
[Image: 2faenabled.png] Two Factor Authentication - Received for activating 2FA on Reusers.to.

Shop page have been updated

[Image: 4H9ofE4.png]

More free credits package added

[Image: 4e9TORK.png]

Slots system added

[Image: tIxODYp.png]
3 total thanks
[Image: mtBJxFx.gif]
[Image: ad1.gif]

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