36605.03.2021 Changelog
Better response on post 05.03.2021 Changelog
  • Two Login methods added, Spotify and Github, Click here to connect your account
  • 3 New items added on our shop, Click here to check our item shop

[Image: icon_1614967979_3165bf3c4c889dd630cda70a24f270b9.gif]Ruby / Price 7k
[Image: icon_1614968027_d6f56a7f76de94e83e85e511fcd67ac2.gif]White Rose / Price 5k
[Image: icon_1614968054_0bc5994ec1ddb17e636aaf0b4c8fd257.gif]Red Rose / Price 5k
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[Image: 18Ai8OD.gif]

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