3611.02.2021 Changelog Thread Modes
11.02.2021 Changelog

1: New Prefixes
  • Selling
  • Sold
Can be used at Premium MarketplaceMarketplaceWebmasterHostingDomains

2: Items shop page have been updated

3: Purchase credits page have been updated

4: New page (Buy Awards)
The following awards have been added (IMAGE)
Papyrus: Ability to reset username, Contact with @admin if you own this award
Reputation: chest: Ability to reset reputation, Contact with @admin  if you own this award

5: My Items page have been updated

6: Non-HTTPS images will be displayed as Link

7: New page - Share your experience with your friends and earn credits

8: Hide tags have been updated (Read more)
[Image: mtBJxFx.gif]
[Image: 18Ai8OD.gif]

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