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Hello everyone,
These are the updates I did this week

Reward System
Users will have the ability to request rewards once they have reached the requirement number of posts and threads at the forum.
We are going to add more rewards at the near future, like requirement number of reputation.
To check our rewards click here

Feedback system (Vouches)
Feedback system (Vouches) has been placed in members profiles next to reputation system.
There are three transaction types: Buyer,Seller and Trader and all users can give +1 / -1 or neutral feedback after the transaction.

Miscellaneous Section
You already noticed that section.
A place dedicated to sharing forum engines (Releases,Themes and AddOns)

A place where you will share your skills on Graphics and your work for people to rate your graphics

There will be more forums in that section in the future after your request

More Awards
There are plenty of new awards at this page and there will be more at the near future.

Shop Items
Users have the ability to display an item from their shop inventory as an extension to their username.
We also added 21 countries flags at price of 500 credits.
If your country flag isnt there, Just request it by PM to @admin

Profile Visitors
I installed a plugin that displays latest profile visits on users profiles.
You will be able to disable that feature for your profile once I fix a bug

Additional Usergroups
Additional usergroups are visible only at users profiles, Users with more than one usergroup can choose which one to set as display group from this page

Alert System
20 alerts will be shown at Popover Notification and the unreaded alerts will be colored blue

48 Emoticons have been added. Emoticons are also clickable at shoutbox

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