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Hi, I'm viking.

I haven't used this much, I only have a few hours of time actually using the website.
Although I haven't had much time on the website, I'll say right now it's a really slick responsive theme.

There is room for improvement on the hosting though. Personally, it takes an insanely long time to load when I'm not using a proxy. (London). 
Thanks for making this website and congrats on 200!
Hello Viking and thank you for been here,
Theme will be updated again in a few months.
Forum may take some time to load in first visit since it has many images on index page (Something that may change on the next update) but after that it will load fine except if you delete your cache then it wll take some time again.
I will transfer then forum in a better host when it reach at least 1k members
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[Image: 18Ai8OD.gif]

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