Disallowed Activities
Fraudulent activities such as catfishing, carding, fake identities, phishing.
Attempting to infect or steal from other members. Posting a tool must be accompanied by a virus total of all files inside, just scanning the .rar is prohibited.
Posting Credit Cards, PayPal-Accounts, Bank-Accounts or any other form of financial account.
Sharing unchecked codes of any kind.
Also very obvious, unlicensed sale of drugs is illegal in almost every country and this isn't the darkweb so it shouldn't surprise anyone that sale or purchase of drugs is not allowed here but you are free to discuss your experiences if you wish.
Members of the site are not allowed to use the forum to spread illegal movie torrents, downloads, or streaming services such as IPTV. REUsers wasn't built for sharing this type of data and if you wish to find warez just use piratebay.